Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Home Builder Series : Preparations for Build a Home !!!

As a part of Home Builder Series - FAQs about Developer Company:

1. What is your years of experience and how many houses have been built till now?
We have completed 2 years but our parent company has a legacy of 15 years and so far we are constructing 25 houses across the Karnataka.

2. How much is the lowest budget home that you have built till now?

We have constructed for 13 Lakhs at Tumkur.

3. How much is the highest budget home that you have built till now?
We are constructing for 1.3 cr at Bengaluru.

4. Do you get bank loans for helping us?
We extend our service and assist you with Bank loan.

5. Do you take care of Government related paper work for all approvals?
Yes we provide our assistance.

6. What is the initial deposit amount to register your services?
1 lakh which would be reduced with the total consideration.

7. What about renovation services and wood work services?
We don’t take up only the renovation but we consider if additional floor are to be added. We can provide the vendor details and also take up the turn key depending on the deisgn.

8. Do you take up everything from first to end?
Yes we facilitate the client.

9. Do you have any offerings for post construction benefit?
We provide our water proofing warrantee for 10 years.

10. Can you show up some already built houses by you?
Definitely,  It’s pride and pleasure to show you our on going and completed projects.

If Anyone Interested, Please comment in the comments section !!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Home Builder Series : Need for Home Builder Series!!!

Generic Information References to Effective Cost, Effective Time and Effective Quality in Home Construction!!!

1. One Point Reference to check all your queries on Home Construction.
2. Huge Cost Savings with proper material management.  
3. Huge Cost Savings with proper labor management.
4. Huge Cost Savings with proper time management
5. Quality for Every Penny being spent
6. Effective Checkpoints to ensure that the building comes up as per the design in our plan.
7. Effective Checkpoints to modify any smaller changes for Electrical and Plumbing designs.
8. Effective checks for Vastu/Feng Sui compliance (For the ones who believe in it!!!).
9. To review as many questions and answers as possible to see to that we might face an issue in future that someone else might have faced in past. True Knowledge Sharing!!! 
10. All required Legal Documentation and Insurance Documentation to safeguard our hard earned investment


Disclaimer : The above mentioned information is for knowledge purpose only. Kindly review entire legal procedure while making purchase or contract decisions!!! 


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Home Builder Series - Introduction !!!!

I would like to come up with the 'Home Builder Series' in various parts from Documentation of a house to construction and to the final completion of the house!!

I would like to dedicate the 'Home Builder' series to the entire viewers who have supported the blog and have been continously viewing it.

Kindly come up with as many questions as possible while I come up with each phase of development, This will help me pose these questions to the builder and get all the questions here, We will have as many questions and as many answers as we all can use them for our own reference during our own construction!!

I would like to thank each and everyone for their overwhelming support!!

Kindly show the strength with the continuous comments!!!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

KG Layout : Arterial Arc of Glory !!!!

Direction Arterial Arc Road from Magadi End of NICE Road to Mysore End of NICE Road in the Mid of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout!!!


 Highlighted Point : The peripheral ring road (PRR) for the city too is in the pipeline and the MAR is designed in such a way that it will seamlessly integrate with and become part of the proposed PRR.


The peripheral ring road (PRR) for the city too is in the pipeline and the MAR is designed in such a way that it will seamlessly integrate with and become part of the proposed PRR, he added.

  1. Proposed Connectivity to Peripheral ring road(NICE Road) where there is single road to Yelahanka (Towards Airport as well) and direct single road to Kanakapura road (Electronic City) 
  2.  Road also gets to have connectivity to existing schools/colleges which were in the same location and dispersed due to geographic conditions (This single road will join all of them into a single entry locations) 
  3. Road will give access to Commercial spaces and Tech Parks existing directly on that Arterial road.  
  4. Road will give seamless connectivity to Existing planned Namma metro at Mysore Road End for travel towards rest of Bangalore. 
  5. Road will frame up connectivity to all directions towards North, South, East and West Bangalore. 
  6. Road will have strength to have Proposed Namma metro extended line at the Mid of KG Layout in order to support transit within commercial and residential hubs. 
  7. Mini Parks and Gardens with sit outs are planned across the entire stretch of this arterial Road on both the ends with Cycle Tracks. 
  8.  Access to 12 connecting villages with few thousands of people already living in the vicinity and always moving around, so that the whole area is not isolated at all. 
  9. Proposed BMTC, KSRTC, and Auto Stand Hubs at the Junction of Mysore road along with existing Namma Metro Challaghatta Depot to support multiple ways of transit in and out of KG Layout!!
  10. Recent Bids are announced for the Electricity, Water, Sewerage, Roads and as well as the 150ft Arterial Road Construction as on 29th September 2017.

Related News - http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/bengaluru/2018/feb/28/land-issues-sorted-work-on-kempe-gowda-layout-to-start-soon-1779925.html

For Any Referrals on Plots, Kindly message in comments section

Watch out for more information on the developments around layout:

My Recent Unique Experience :  

I was looking out for construction of my house in window of 6 to 8 months and was in research... I stumbled upon a company offering good rates... He sent a message: Is building a home your dream? Do you want to design your dream home with an architectural blend? Then here is a one Stop solution for your modern House plans. You can now construct your home at just 1350/ per sq.ft, with no hidden cost with elegant finishes inside and out. We undertake all types of residential construction.
Planning your dream is our ultimate goal.. our planning is free of cost.
(Reference Code - KGLAYOUT)

The twist in the story was that this company was offering 10 years of maintanence post construction and for every delay of a month during construction, the builder pays the rental amount to the house owner.

This fascinated me to promote this opportunity for group housing !!!!

Also it helped me to come up with sharing experiences of people who are constructing homes currently and can help others avoid any common problems during construction!!!

This is a revolution for my blog to take additional turn for posting updates on House Construction as well !!!

 Disclaimer : All the contents posted are a part of detailed analysis via various newspapers, news blogs and personal understanding of the area. Kindly recheck all the factors personally before any commitment.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

KG Layout : Step by Step Development of an Area !!!

Step wise development of an area:

1. Connecting Factors Such as Ring Road - 330ft
2. Commercial factors connecting to Ring Road such as Office Spaces, IT Parks, etc.
3. Restaurants, Hotels and Supporting markets to the already built Commercial Space
4. Construction of Homes for Self Use or For Rentals to support Commercial Space.
5. Complete movement of People to build a entire huge community.

Only with the above steps, a good area/community is built, else it might end up like Visvesvaraya Layout !!!

Everyone, Focus on the Arterial Road for Success Path !!!

Monday, 29 May 2017

KG Layout : Overall Area Planned Statistics

KG Layout Overall Area Planned Statistics:

10 High Rise Buildings
45 Smaller Parks and 5 Bigger Parks(Of around 20 acres each!!)
Lots and Lots of Commercial Smaller Spaces (Could not count!!!!)
Biggest Transport Hubs in South - BMRCL Depot/BMTC Depot
Biggest Transport Hubs in North - KSRTC Depot and KPTCL Complex
One Biggest 300ft road Proposed till now
4-5 Bigger Water Tank Sources and Many Smaller Water Ponds